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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

In accordance with the Action Guidelines for Environmental Conservation of Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Inc., we are striving to cultivate an environmental mindset as a pillar for the building of environment management systems.

Also, please see the Action Guidelines for Environmental Conservation.

Environmental management system

The "Environment Promotion Committee" consists of Hitachi Kokusai Electric executive officers responsible for the environment, and executive officers in Group companies responsible for the environment. This committee examines and decides medium-term and long-term environment action plans, yearly goals, and important issues, and distributes this information throughout the Group. The Production Engineering Department of the MONOZUKURI Division (in the MONOZUKURI Group), which is the key group handling environmental issues, promote plans based on what is decided by the Environment Promotion Committee, and progress is followed up by the "Environmental management Representatives Meeting" and the "Environmental Meeting".

Environmental Management System

Environmental Activities (Hitachi, Ltd.)