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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

Introduction of Eco-design (Environmentally conscious design)

In fiscal 2016, our Group introduced Environmentally Conscious Design, which is in compliance with International Standard IEC 62430,* with the aim of reducing environmental impacts not only by working to reduce our Group's environmental footprint, but also by providing eco-friendly products to customers.
To promote environmentally conscious design, we have introduced two types of assessments in the product development process: environmentally conscious design assessment and life cycle assessment.
In the environmentally conscious design assessment, environmental considerations incorporated in the design process to reduce the environmental load of a new product are evaluated.
In the life cycle assessment, the potential environmental impact of a new product is assessed throughout its life cycle, based on a comparison of the specifications of the new product with those of existing products.
We pursue environmentally conscious design by utilizing the results of assessment results.


Introduction of Assessment

In order to reduce the environmental burden of the entire product life cycle, we introduced the following two evaluations to the product development process.

1. Environmentally conscious design assessment
 Using the special tool (environmentally friendly design evaluation sheet), evaluate the result of the environmental load reduction activity of the development objectives concerning product / service performance.

Environmentally conscious design assessment

2. LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)
We compare the product functions of developed products and conventional products and quantitatively evaluate items related to the entire life cycle of products that affect the environment quantitatively with dedicated tools (LCA sheet).

Life Cycle Assessment

Products that introduced eco-design for development