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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

Corporate Statement

Hitachi Kokusai Electric Group strives to realize a society of security, safety and happiness, creates value by applying advanced technologies and pushes the boundaries of tomorrow.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric Way

  1. Customers First :
    By pursuing Monozukuri,* Hitachi Kokusai Electric Group provides true value to the customers and society.
  2. Global Leader :
    It develops advanced technologies as a world pioneer with the aim of creating an affluent and sustainable future.
  3. Human Assets :
    It respects the diversity of its human resources and provides them with the opportunity and environment to enhance and perform their abilities.
  4. Basics and Ethics :
    It respects human rights, observes laws and ethics and establishes a clean corporate culture that is admired by society.
  5. Harmony, Sincerity and Pioneering Spirit :
    It esteems harmony, acts with sincerity and promotes business with a pioneering spirit.
Monozukuri is defined as all creative activities carried out by the Hitachi Kokusai Electric Group, including the development and provision of products and services, among others.

Guidelines and Commitments

For the purpose of implementing the Corporate Statement, in accordance with the Hitachi Kokusai Electric Way, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Group pledges to the dissemination of the following Guidelines and Commitments and to the maintenance of its internal systems.

  1. Obtain the trust and confidence of customers and society by developing and providing products and services in which the emphasis is on safety, quality and environmental soundness.
  2. Engage in fair and transparent competition and business activities that are based on a commitment to high ethical standards; observe the spirit as well as the letter of international norms of behavior, national laws and regulations; and implement appropriate internal controls that reflect these considerations.
  3. Respect the diversity, character and individuality of all employees; provide a mentally and physically rewarding, safe and healthy work environment as well as opportunities for further training and growth.
  4. Provide all the stakeholders including customers, employees, business partners, communities and shareholders with full and fair disclosure of corporate information.
  5. Endeavor to protect the global environment, local living environments and biodiversity with a view toward realizing a sustainable society.
  6. As a good corporate citizen, engage proactively in philanthropic activities and other activities that benefit society.
  7. In global business activities, respect local laws, cultures, practices and customs and always strive to contribute to local progress and development.
  8. Respect the value of other companies' business and technology information as well as our own, and implement proper controls regarding such confidential information, including individual and customer information.
  9. Comply with trade-related laws and regulations in order to contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security.
  10. Should a situation arise that runs counter to these Guidelines and Commitments, managers shall endeavor to resolve the matter, establish the cause and take steps to prevent a reoccurrence. They shall also endeavor to provide a prompt and accurate disclosure and explanation of the facts of the matter, clarify where the responsibility lies and deal strictly with those concerned, including with respect to their own activities.