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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

Kaichiro Sakuma

Hitachi Kokusai Electric was formed in October 2000 from the merger of three Hitachi Group companies engaged in businesses related to video, wireless communications, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Since then, we have helped build infrastructure for a safe and affluent society under our corporate statement (“Hitachi Kokusai Electric Group strives to realize a society of security, safety, and happiness; creates value by applying advanced technologies; and pushes the boundaries of tomorrow”) and the Hitachi Kokusai Electric Way (“1. Customers First; 2. Global Leader; 3. Human Assets; 4. Basics and Ethics; 5. Harmony, Sincerity, and Pioneering Spirit”). To do this, we are actively engaged in creating new value in the area of "Video and Wireless Network Solutions" (wireless communications, information, broadcasting, and video) and in the area of "Eco- and Thin Film Processing Solutions" (semiconductor manufacturing equipment).

With the goal of becoming the top global company in both of these areas, the Hitachi Kokusai Electric Group continues to work toward high value-added products and systems, to aggressively expand our business into the global market, and to transform our business portfolio by expanding our system- and service-related businesses.

The Hitachi Kokusai Electric Group will continue to work towards further enhancing customer trust and creating an affluent society though monozukuri *.

Monozukuri is defined as all creative activities carried out by the Hitachi Kokusai Electric Group, including the development and provision of products and services, among others.

Kaichiro Sakuma, President and Chief Executive Officer