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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

UHF Digital Transmitter

Hitachi´s Low and Medium Power E-Compact Transmitters (LP and MP) offers optimal broadcast characteristics with a power efficiency of up to 24% to LP line and up to 38% to MP line, the simplicity of its configuration and operation allows a fast startup and its high robustness ensures a smooth and safe operation. To LP sub-family the exciter integrated amplification system, high robustness, user-friendly WEB interface with block diagram navigation. Its embedded measurement software enables the user to easily control and inspect the digital signal through charts that monitor several transmission parameters, dispensing the need for expensive third part hardware for MER and Transmission Mask measurements and is comprised by air cooled transmitters, featuring out power of 15W* up to 100W*. Its Medium Power sub-family also is comprised of air cooled transmitters with output powers of 150W* and 300W* in ISDB-Tb / DVB-T2 standards, and 170W* and 350W* in the ATSC standard.
*(measures to LP and MP is after filter).

As of 2018 Feb Brazil market