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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

ISCHIO series

The ISDB-Tb DTV transmitter is fully compliant with the ABNT NBR 15601 standard, offering excellent linearity in the entire UHF band.
It has been designed using state-of-the-art technology and employs first rate components to fulfill not only a wide variety of broadcasters' requisites and needs, but also digital TV innovations.

It is equipped with the modern IS8001 Exciter which incorporates the functions of modulator, up converter, exciter and a modern linearization solution allowing necessary emission masks to be reached in an optimized way.

To meet the ABNT NBR 15601 standard, Hitachi Kokusai Linear included GPS time base and a GPS + Rubidium option. This solution meets transmission requirements when the equipment is operating in single frequency network (SFN) or adjacent channel.

All transmitter measurements are displayed in its frontal panel, in a computer that can be locally connected to the equipment or at a remote location.

Web server and SNMP protocol Telemetry system.