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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


Doherty Amplification Technology

Ultra-high efficiency Doherty-type* amplifiers allow the E-Compact series to achieve output of 580 W to 700 W, and improve power efficiency. This provides excellent transmission characteristics.

Doherty type: An amplifier configuration that is a combination of an always-running amplifier and an amplifier used for large amplitude operations. This combination reduces power consumption.

Low energy consumption

The equipment is mounted on a single rack*1 for output powers up to 3kW.

Compact design, each power amplifier delivers up to 860Wrms in only 3RU.

Its compact design results in a smaller installation footprint. The PA module has an excellent power density. With 3RU and 19", each PA module is configured for transmitting up to 860Wrms.

Automatic Fan Speed Control providing low noise levels and increased lifespan.

Easy assembly and maintenance through quick-coupling PA modules.*3

The E-Compact line astonishes with its transmission versatility, either operating in SFN as well as on MFN retransmissions. The retransmission signal can be received through Satellite or Terrestrial tuners and through Ethernet*2 and ASI inputs. The EX8001 exciter features pre-correction, BTS decompression, and conditional access module, dismissing the need for other external equipment.

Except EC712HP
Ethernet is a registered trademark of Xerox Corporation
Except EC701HP.