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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


EXACT-V2 DualCast ATSC 1.0 / 3.0 Digital TV Exciter
The EXACT‐V2 is the next generation, compact and powerful exciter platform that delivers an ATSC compliant, on‐channel output as well as performs adaptive RF precorrection for the best possible broadcast signal.
ATSC 8-VSB Digital TV Translator
The ATSC-5000-DTT is an digital TV translator to broadcast ATSC signals. It uses the compact 1RU translator hardware platform in conjunction with ATSC compatible firmware and software. The ATSC-5000-DTT translator is designed to work either in a stand-alone mode with OEM DTV transmitters or fully integrated in DTTU-5000 series DTV translators.
Exciter Preamplifier/Driver
The OPT-PRE1U is a compact platform that provides +28dB of fixed gain. It is perfectly suited to boost the RF output level of ATSC-8000 and ATSC-5000 DTV exciters and is available for either VHF or UHF.
ATSC On-Channel Digital Repeater
The OCDR-8000 is an on-channel digital repeater to broadcast ATSC The OCDR-8000 allows broadcasters to fill in gaps in their coverage areas due to shadows or nulls. OCDR’s work in a single frequency network (SFN)operation by receiving and transmitting on the same RF channel.