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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

FR-Z100 Series

Hitachi's Z100 series are innovative portable digital microwave link systems that are designed to facilitate the coverage of temporary O/B (Outside Broadcasting) venues. High Definition and Standard Definition video and audio can easily be transmitted digitally from the field to a TV station, production site or central receive point during events such as breaking news, marathons, parades, sports and other outdoor TV production applications.

The full-featured Hitachi Z100 Digital Microwave Link, can transmit SD-SDI, VBS (NTSC or PAL) video signals with the use of a new-design built-in SD CODEC. Analog signals are digitized into a transport stream (TS) and transmitted through the DVB-ASI interface. This practicality makes the unit as easy to use as analog microwave links. Furthermore, signal integrity and transmission robustness are of utmost importance in the Z100 design criteria therefore, the units can be confidentially employed to replace older analog portable microwave links.

The use of COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex) significantly improves deployment and setup time of the Z100 series microwave link. This ease of use reduces operation costs due to the fact that the link can be not only used be in traditional line-of-sight links but also in heavy multipath interference environments. COFDM by nature, performs best in multi-object-bounce link paths.

With our optional High Definition built-in CODEC or, a third party's external High Definition CODEC with DVB-ASI I/O's, the Z100 can transport an effective data rate payload of up to 59 Mbps.