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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


Hitachi Z-HD5500 1080P CMOS HDTV Studio and Field Production Camera

Hitachi’s Z-HD5500 professional studio and field production camera employs the latest imaging advancements by utilizing a new generation of high-performance CMOS Full Frame sensors. The Z-HD5500 is 1920 X 1080 HD progressive scan throughout the entire camera chain. Outstanding sensitivity, signal-to-noise, resolution and color gradation are a result of utilizing Hitachi’s new generation equivalent 2/3-inch CMOS image sensors.
The Z-HD5500 delivers flawless high-performance in TV studios, houses of worship, arenas and other venues where LED lights and large LED displays are being used. It easily adapts to a wide range of LED lighting conditions. With the addition of High Dynamic Range (HDR), the Z-HD5500 camera system delivers a dramatic improvement in picture performance with HDR. You’ll see deeper blacks, increased detail in mid-tones, brighter highlights and more saturated colors. HDR adds an dramatic improvement in picture quality easily visible at all viewing distances.
The Z-HD5500 retains all the popular functions and features of the existing camera line. A new CCU model, CU-HD1300FT/T allows the use of compact SMPTE, single-mode fiber and/or a new long-range digital triax system. The Z-HD5500 progressive scan camera embodies the latest advanced digital signal processing (DSP) patents and world-renowned Hitachi technology.

High-performance starts with advanced sensors

Hitachi has achieved a new level of HD camera performance with a new generation of CMOS Full Frame progressive scan imagers. Using these newly developed progressive scan CMOS imagers, the Z-HD5500 easily handles difficult mixed frequency LED lighting and display situations.
The new sensors also enable the Z-HD5500 to achieve outstanding resolution, dynamic range, sensitivity and absence of vertical smear. A high horizontal resolution of 1000TVL (Luminance channel) offers very high picture sharpness with low noise and ultra-low vertical smear.

Dynamic head-room ready for today’s HDR

The Z-HD5500 takes full advantage of the increased dynamic range output performance of the NEW CMOS imagers. Exposure latitude is available to satisfy the most demanding scene lighting or creative talent.
This exposure performance assures that every nuance of the image captured and converted to electrical energy by the sensors and is quantized in the digital domain resulting in faithful image reproduction. This is especially important when applying modern HDR (High Dynamic Range) workflows.