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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


Hitachi SK-HD1200 Advanced HDTV Studio and Field Production Camera

  • Latest Advanced Progressive Scan Sensors
  • Advanced 16bit ADC and 38bit DSP
  • 3 Gbps, 1080p transmission and outputs
  • Fully networked control system

The SK-HD1200 is Hitachi's fourth generation HDTV cameras which employ the most advanced progressive scan CCD image sensors and Hitachi's proprietary digital processing technology.

The SK-HD1200 is a portable, hand-held model. This is our highest performance, Multi-Standard HDTV studio and field production cameras that satisfy TV system in any region of the world having 50Hz or 60Hz AC line power and both analog and digital signals.

As a standard feature, the SK-HD1200 is multi-format output camera systems that are able to output dual formats (SD and HD) simultaneously. Also available as a standard feature is their ability to output 1080p(50/59.94), 1080i (50/59.94) or 720p(50/59.94) HDTV and SD signal formats.

The SK-HD 1200 has 2-piece dockable design that provides efficient yet cost-effective adaptation to various configurations making transition to HDTV easier. The circuits' miniaturization realized not only the smallest most flexible Hitachi HDTV camera to date but one of the "greenest" and most power efficient (22W camera head power consumption) cameras on the market.