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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


Luminance response tools

Ultra Gamma

This function dramatically increases the exposure latitude of the camera in shooting conditions where the intensity of lighting and scenery varies widely. Seven different ultra-gamma responses are pre-programmed to suit just about every possible adverse shooting condition.

Black stretch

Black stretch function allows for better reproduction of dark or underexposed areas by evenly raising the luminance response without changing the pedestal or white clip/ knee settings. It is especially useful in high contrast image venues, outdoors or sport productions.

Lens optimization

Gray-Scale automatic setup

The SK-HD1500 offers the Gray-Scale Automatic Setup function to optimize the optical parameters that could negatively affect the image you are trying to capture and faithfully reproduce. The Gain, Gamma, and Flare are the video signal functions that vary from lens to lens.

Automatic vertical/Horizontall modulation shading adjustment

The SK-HD1500 assures that with any lens used, an even, chroma response will be attained by the automatic vertical/Horizontall modulation shading correction function. At the simple push of a button, this function provides separate memory of lens' modulation shading characteristics to optimize the X1 and X2 lens extender positions.

Optical and image capture functions

Advanced Flicker Reduction Function

The video flicker seen in a modern HDTV slow-motion camera is mainly caused by the asynchronous frequencies between the camera's CCD scanning and the charge-discharge cycles of artificial lights typically used in stadiums, arenas and auditoriums.
The SK-HD1500 can minimize the observed flicker in the image by its unique, automatic flicker-frequency detection algorithms which use the actual level fluctuations in the captured video frames to correct the flicker in real-time.
The optimum r eduction in flicker can be thus easily obtained by adjusting the detection response and method via the SK-HD1500 operational menu.

Focus Assist

Advanced Focus Assist Functions are available to support the camera operator in finding the right focus regardless of the viewfinder model used. The Area Marker detects edges inside area, while a focus indicator shows the actual detail level by a horizontal line. A Focus Indicator Gauge can further be set to lock the maximum achieved level for a few seconds.

Quick focus + Precision Focus (Auto Focus)

The Quick Focus function automatically opens the iris then sets the video level with the electronic shutter. The resulting shallow depth of focus, allows the cameraman to set the exact focus with ease.
Lenses with Precision Focus(Auto Focus) technology are supported equally.