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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


CX-HD1000 Digital Triax System

Hitachi's Digital Triaxial cable transmission system addresses two application requirements posed by our customers worldwide.
It is the next best, completely digital, signal transport compared to that using fiber-optic cable. No other HDTV triaxial cable transmission system comes close.
Second, in applications where traditional triax is already in use, substantial savings in the cabling infrastructure can be realized by employing Hitachi HDTV Digital Triax cameras.
The main advantages and characteristics are:

  • Hitachi's patented, fully digital, bi-directional signal transmission system
  • Employs no RF modulation or modems
  • Little to no signal degradation.
  • Capitalizes on reduced costs and flexibility of triaxialcopper cable.
  • Includes 1080i (50/59.94) / 720p (50/59.94) cross-converter for HD-SDI outputs
  • Built in, high-performance SDTV up/ down converters
  • Similar IO's as the CU-HD1000