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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


SU-1000 Setup Control Unit

The SU-1000 Setup Control Unit is used for the adjustment of camera parameters in a multi-camera production environment.
Utilizing a new wide touch screen LCD panel that expands control functions. It is connected directly to each CCU in parallel fashion via serial data cable with a distance of up to 100 meters. 12 cameras can be directly controlled from the SU-1000. Camera control can be extended from 12 cameras up to 48 cameras(option).
The compact and lightweight SU-1000 features Color LCD indicators in the display section to easily identify and access the provided control parameters. The unit is sufficiently small and lightweight enough to be used in space deprived locations such as encountered on a broadcast OB Van.

The SU-1000 has these primary functions:

  • Selection of a single camera or groups of cameras to be controlled.
  • On/Off control of all functions.
  • Control of all variable data adjustments including Iris & Master black.
  • Selection of storage and operation data files.
  • Transfer of files and data between cameras or groups of cameras.
  • Adjustment and file data (write/ read) from SD memory card
  • Video output selection including external video switcher control (source or sink).
  • Ethernet connectivity and cabling