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The ultra-efficient SK-HD1000 is a member of Hitachi's Green Products Global initiative.

The SK-HD1000 is Hitachi's third generation HDTV camera that embodies the latest advanced digital signal processing patents and world-renowned Hitachi technology. It is a high performance, Multi-Standard HDTV studio and field production camera system that satisfies various TV Systems worldwide. One camera system that is now used with 50Hz or 60Hz AC line power regions of the world having both analog and digital signals that comply to the respective countries' TV Systems. As a standard feature, the SK-HD1000 is a multi-format output camera system since it is able to output dual formats (SD and HD) at the same time. Optionally available is the ability to perform as a switchable cross-converting HD camera that outputs 1080i (50/59.94) or 720p (50/59.94) HDTV signal formats and SD at the same time.
The lightweight (4.4kg (9.6lbs) : Camera head) 2-piece, dockable design gives it unique attributes which provide efficient and cost-effective adaptation to various TV program production demands. It's circuits" miniaturization yield not only the smallest most flexible Hitachi HDTV camera to date but, one the "greenest" and most power efficient (16W camera head power consumption) ones on the market.