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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


A variety of interface

By a variety of interfaces, it is adaptable to a variety of systems.

A variety of interface
GigE Vision -GV models
USB3 Vision -UB models
Mini Camera Link Auto Selection of PoCL or non-PoCL -WCL models
PoCL -PCL models
Non-PoCL -SCL models
PoCL-Lite -Lite models
Camera Link -CL models
IEEE-1394.a -F models

Near infrared sensitivity

Extended spectral response allows use of the camera in the near infrared region.

Applicable models: KP-F145WCL, KP-F145GV Applicable models

Raw Data Output (KP-FRxxx Models)

The FR series of cameras use a CCD with an RGB primary color mosaic filter, outputting the image data in a RAW format with minimal processing in order to achieve higher frame rates as compared to a normal color camera. External image processing and software is required to produce a proper color picture.

High color fidelity (KP-FDxxx/KP-FMDxxx Models)

RGB primary color mosaic filter achieve high color fidelity.

High resolution & high speed

High resolution combined with high frame rates is possible with this series of cameras. Can be used for high-precision and high-speed image processing in many applications.

High resolution & high speed
280 fps 2.23 Mpixel: KP-FM200WCL/FMR200WCL
150 fps 4.19 Mpixel: KP-FM400WCL/FMR400WCL
125 fps VGA: KP-F31UB/F21UB/F31GV/F21GV
90 fps VGA: KP-FM30Lite/FBM30Lite/F33GV/FD33GV
61 fps SXGA: KP-FM100PCL
53 fps 12.58 Mpixel: KP-FM1200CL, UXGA: KP-FM200PCL/FM200UB/FMD200UB/FM200GV
36 fps XGA: KP-F80PCL/F80SCL/F80Lite/F83GV/FD83GV
30 fps SXGA: KP-F145WCL/FD140PCL/FD140SCL/FMD100PCL/F145GV/F140GV/FD140GV
28 fps UXGA: HV-F202GV
20 fps UXGA: KP-FMD200PCL
18 fps 5.05 Mpixel: KP-F520WCL//F510UB/FD510UB/F510GV
16 fps 5.05 Mpixel: KP-F500WCL/FR500WCL/F500GV
15 fps UXGA: KP-F200PCL/F200SCL/FR200PCL/FR200SCL/F200Lite
12 fps 5.05 Mpixel: KP-FD510WCL/FD500PCL/FD500SCL
9 fps 5.05 Mpixel: KP-FD510GV/FD500GV
7.5 fps SXGA: HV-F22F

Four-sided attachment mechanism

Applicable Models: KP-F520WCL/FM200PCL/FMD200PCL/ FM100PCL/FMD100PCL/FM1200CL
Can be attached four-side of the camera, making it suitable for camera installation of the narrow portion.

Compact and lightweight

Compact models featuring a size of 21.5(W) x 21.5 (H) x 21.5 (D) with a PoCL-Lite, Mini Camera Link (PoCL), or USB3 Vision interfaces are available.

Compact and lightweight
WxHxDmm (Not including protrusions and lens)
1CCD (CMOS) Models 21.5 x 21.5 x 21.5 KP-FM30Lite/FBM30Lite, KP-FMR830(1 Camera)
29 x 29 x 20 KP-FM200PCL/FMD200PCL/FM100PCL/FMD100PCL/ FM200UB/ FMD200UB/F31UB/F21UB
29 x 29 x 29 KP-F520WCL/F200PCL/F200SCL/F80PCL/F80SCL/ F30PCL/F30SCL/FR200PCL/FR200SCL/FR80PCL/ FR80SCL/FR30PCL/FR30SCL/F200Lite/F80Lite/ F30Lite/510UB/FD510UB
29 x 29 x 35 KP-F510GV/FD510GV/FM200GV/FMD200GV/F31GV/ F21GV
29 x 29 x 38 KP-F230PCL/F230SCL/F31PCL/F31SCL/FR230PCL/ FR230SCL/FR31PCL/FR31SCL
44 x 44 x 41 KP-FD510WCL/F500WCL/F145WCL/FR500WCL/ FD500PCL/FD500SCL/FD202PCL/FD202SCL/ FD140PCL/FD140SCL/FM400WCL/FM200WCL/ FMR400WCL/FMR200WCL
55 x 55 x 45 KP-FM1200CL
44 x 29 x 72 KP-F500GV/F202GV/F145GV/F140GV/F83GV/F33GV/ FD500GV/ FD202GV/FD140GV/FD83GV/FD33GV
12 x 12.5 x 47.5 Camera Head: KP-FBR30PCL/FBR30SCL
3CCD Models 55 x 55 x 89 KP-F202GV, KP-F202SCL
65 x 65 x 130 HV-F22CL-S1, HV-F22F
65 x 65 x 141 HV-F22GV

Frame Shutter

Higher vertical resolution for moving objects.

Multi-step Shutter

Electronic shutter is provided with multi-step or variable speed.

Frame on Demand

A one-trigger and fixed-shutter mode of frame-on-demand are provided allowing precise timing and exposure for image capture.

Remote Control

Through the digital interface, various setting such as shutter, mode, gain, partial scan, bit depth, etc can be adjusted.

Partial Scan

The vertical startposition and number of lines can be adjusted. Higher frame rates are possible by using partial scan mode.
(KP-FM1200CL can be set eight area)
(KP-FM200PCL/FMD200PCL/FM100PCL/FMD100PCL/FM200UB/ FM200GV/FMD200UB/FMD200GV: The start position and area of H and V direction can be set in one pixel spacing.)

Cropping mode

Applicable Models: KP-FM200PCL/FMD200PCL
A user selectable cropping area featuring reduced resolution (VGA/XGA/SXGA) can be selected to increase the camera frame rate. The KP-FM200PCL can operate at 130 f/s in the VGA mode.

Vertical subsampling modes

Applicable Models: KP-FM1200CL/FM400WCL/FM200WCL/FMR400WCL/KP-FMR200WCL
Enables high-speed readout by vertical decimation of 2 to 10 times

Vertical 2 pixels additional Modes

Applicable Models: KP-F520WCL/F500WCL/F145WCL/F230PCL/F230SCL/F31PCL/F31SCL
Enables high-speed readout by the vertical 2 pixels addition mode

Temperature detection output

Applicable Models: KP-F520WCL
The internal temperature of the camera can be read.

White spot detecting and correction

White spots that result from radiation or high temperature can be detected and corrected.

Knee adjustment

Applicable Models: KP-F520WCL, FD Model, FMD model, -GV Model, -UB Model, 3CCD model

Gamma adjustment

Applicable Models:
Manual variable: KP-F520WCL, 3CCD model
Correction by LUT: KP-FD510WCL/FD202PCL/FD202SCL/FD140PCL/FD140SCL /FMD200PCL/FMD100PCL, -UB model, -GV model

FLASH output

Applicable Models: KP-F520WCL, -UB model, -GV model
The camera has an output-signal to control and synchronize an external flash to the camera exposure.

Selectable White Balance Adjustment

Applicable Models: (KP-FDXXX/FMDxxx Models, 3CCD Models)
Selectable white balance adjustment method of ATW (auto-tracking), Manual (manual setting of R and B gain) or one-time (one-time auto adjustment).

6-Vector Independent Masking

Applicable Models: (KP-FDXXX/FMDxxx Models, 3CCD Models)
A 6-Vector color correction can be selected, allowing independent adjustment of the hue and saturation of the primary R,G,B, and complementary Cy, Mg, and Ye vectors, for accurate color reproduction of difficult objects.

Selectable bit depth

Selectable bit depth
Bit Depth Applicable models
8 / 10 / 12 KP-F500WCL/FR500WCL/F145WCL/F510UB/FM200UB/F31UB/F21UB/F500GV/ F202GV/F145GV,/F140GV/F83GV/F33GV
8 / 16 KP-F510GV/FM200GV/F31GV/F21GV
24 / 48 KP-FD510GV/FMD200GV
24 / 30 / 36 KP-FD510WCL/FD500PCL/FD500SCL/FD202PCL/FD202SCL/ FD140PCL/FD140SCL/FD510UB/FMD200UB/FD500GV/ FD202GV/FD140GV/ FD83GV/FD33GV/F202SCL/F202GV
24 / 30 HV-F22F

Features for 3CCD Models

Adjustable sharpness (DTL) width

Sharpness (DTL) width is adjustable. A feeling of natural definition is provided when set a lower sharpness. A higher setting results in an image with enhanced conturs.

Auto shading (ASC)

Color shading (non-uniformity of color distribution) due to lens and lighting can be corrected automatically.

Versatile imaging functions

  • Long time integration mode.
  • Four application files.
    Four different complete camerasetups can be stored and recalled.
  • Realtime automatic white balance function (ATW)
    Changements in the colortemperature of the of the illumination can be adjusted automatically.
  • Auto exposure (ALC: auto level control)
    The ALC examines and uses 64 separate areas of the image to continuously control the AGC and AES, providing extremely wide response to variations in light. Peak or Average ALC response can be selected from the camera menu.
  • Two mode gain control
    AGC or user-programmable gain in 1 dB steps.
  • Master black, R/B black, and R/B gain are adjustable.