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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

QUIXACE Batch Thermal Process System for 300mm Wafers

Process Applications


  • LP CVD
  • Oxidation
  • Anneal

QUIXACE is Hitachi Kokusai's latest platform for batch thermal processing of 300 mm wafers. The QUIXACE offers high throughput by utilizing advanced technologies in such areas as temperature control, wafer handling automation, reactor purging, and temperature ramping. Hitachi Kokusai Electric is proud to offer QUIXACE, the leading platform for today's manufacturing environment which offers both flexibility and extendibility to meet tomorrow's challenges.


  • Batch configurations adaptable for large and small load-sizes (50-125 wafers/batch)
  • High Throughput by Short Cycle Time
  • Minimum Scheduled Down Time with In-Situ Gas Cleaning
  • Fast ramp up / down heater, High speed wafer transfer automation
  • An optional N2purge vacuum load lock is available for oxygen and moisture sensitive processes(lower oxygen and H2O concentration).