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"Similar Face Search" technology provides very high speed search of stored facial images, significantly reducing operational search time

Similar Face Search

Product Line

Product name Summary
Similar Face Search [Abbreviation: SFS] Search server and Operation client software
Similar Face Search-SDK* [Abbreviation: SFS-SDK] Search server core software
SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • Product components

USB dongle System software

USB (Universal Serial Bus)

Product features

High-speed image search using a unique clustering method

By applying a unique clustering process when registering images in the feature Data Base (DB), features of similar faces extracted from recorded video can be searched on average in less than one second from a large DB containing as many as thirty six (36) million faces.

High-speed image search using a unique clustering method

  • Search speed (36 million face / sec)

High-speed facial feature extraction and registration

SFS technology can extract facial images with a minimum size of 60 × 60 pixels from recorded image video. The images can be registered in the image feature DB at high speed averaging 640 faces/second, by using unique facial feature extraction and registration techniques.
Up to 20 faces can be extracted from a single image.

High-speed facial feature extraction and registration

  • High-speed feature extraction (640 face / sec (image (640 × 480 pixels)))
  • 1 image face cut-out (up to 20 face / image)

Video Image Upload Function

Video data files from other manufacturers video recording devices can be uploaded to the search server by converting the data files into a specific format. This enables a wide range of video images to be imported as search targets. Supported formats include: JPEG, QuickTime (mov), Hitachi-Kokusai Video Stream (HVS).

Simple & Efficient Operator Display

SFS allows a user to easily select a specific person in a group or location to be watched while playing recorded video. It enables the operator to search for similar facial features of the person under surveillance from the feature DB containing key images (faces to be searched for) . It also allows the operator to search for the face of a person, which has been previously registered as a key target face.
SFS provides an operational display adaptable to many practical applications.
Search results can be displayed in order of similarity or time. In the case of multiple cameras, the operator can select one camera or all cameras for the similar face search operation. Other search conditions can also be selected simply and efficiently.

  • Display mode and screen configuration of the operation client
  Name Description
1 Live/Rec.
video panel
Displays live or recorded video from a registered camera and video from an external movie file.
2 Search image panel Displays a search target image (search key image). Allows a user to select or de-select the face of a targeted person.
3 Search result panel Displays video thumbnails of the search results

Display mode and screen configuration of the operation client

Display mode and screen configuration of the operation client

*1 Search image capture" button: Capture viewer button, Capture JPEG file button etc...
*2 Search operation" button: Face search button, Display registered faces button, Search condition button etc...

In order to improve operator control, the button panel displays an enlarged view of the "search key image capture operation" and "search operation" buttons provided on the top menu bar of the operation screen. This panel is movable and therefore can be placed at any position in the dual-screen layout mode.

Similar Face Search-SDK Outline

The SFS-SDK is a product that provides software developers with user command functions by Web API command format (HTTP conformed), which support a high-speed search engine using unique clustering technology from Hitachi and user development efficiency.
The functions allow users to develop software which analyze existing video sources.

Similar Face Search-SDK Outline

For licensing and product configuration     In October 2013, currently

The Similar Face Search and Similar Face Search-SDK product is supplied according to the following configuration.

Package contents
Introduction Part 1
Software License Agreement Part 1
DVD (SFS or SFS-SDK) 1 pc. (The Software, manual is included)
USB dongle 1 pc. (License management for the software)

Licenses of SFS and SFS-SDK are effective for 12 months with an additional 2 months provided initially (redundant time) as standard from the date of purchase, and can be extended by annual renewal.

For licensing and product configuration

For details of PC specifications required for operate the SFS and SFS-SDK products, please contact our sales department.