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Network Series

Features Highlights of Network Series (ISnex®) Systems

Features Highlights of Network Series (ISnex®) Systems

Network Camera System vs. Conventional (Analog) Camera System

Network camera systems have many characteristics that allow configuring more convenient surveillance camera systems. Network camera systems are compared here with conventional camera systems in terms of major characteristics.

Key Characteristic 1: Image Quality

  • Network camera systems are advantageous because of high resolution and no image degradation. As to the movie characteristics, analog systems have an advantage over network systems at present because of the latter's transmission rate. (However, network camera systems will surpass analog systems in this area as the network environment evolves.)

Key Characteristics 2: Transmission

  • There are no differences for short-distance transmissions. Analog systems are advantageous for mediumdistance transmissions. Network systems are by far advantageous for long-distance transmissions (including radio transmissions).
  • Network digital systems are overwhelmingly advantageous in signal distribution, switching, and recording. (Analog systems are easier to operate, though.)
  Analog Camera System   Network Camera System
Image quality Resolution
480 to 530 TV lines (typical) 480 to 1,200 lines
Frame rate Approx. 30 fps (interlaced 60 fields/s) 30 fps max. (progressive)
Transmission Cable
Up to 1 km (depends on the cable size) Up to 100 m
Repeating 5 times 2 times (100M) or 4 times (10M)
2.4 to 3 km using cable
equalizer; approx. 2 to 30 km with optical analog transmission
Can be connected to public network (Internet)
Expensive equipment and digitization are required Easily implemented using inexpensive devices
Convenience Video distribution Video dividers are required Switches (HUBs) are used
Video switching Video switchers are required Software switching is possible
Video recording VTR or DVR recording involving degradation NDR® or PC recording involving no degradation.