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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


Integrated Monitoring Software VMnexⅡ

Compatible with various surveillance systems - for easy system construction and better management support

Intuitive operation by multiple monitors

By using multiple monitors, the monitor screen (for monitor images and camera operation) is separated from the map screen (for situation check and camera selection), to ensure quick and intuitive operation.

Supports medium- to largescale surveillance systems - Up to 1,000 cameras can be centrally managed

Maximum connections that can be managed :

  • Camera : 1,000 sets
  • Operator PC:100 sets
  • Recorder : 500 sets
  • Sensor : 4,000 sets

Monitoring screens for easy operability

While inheriting popular VMnex functions for easy camera operation, such as preset thumbnail selection, more functions have been added to improve the usability, including "multi-screen selection" and "automatic switching selection".

Various integrated management functions to support the administrator