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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

Features Highlights of General Camera Systems

Ample Models for the Best Choice for Your Application

You can choose the best cameras and peripherals for the installation location and environment from among the broad range of products.

Surveillance under Minimum Lighting (High-sensitivity Models)

The lineup includes highly sensitive surveillance cameras (e.g., Starlight EyeR Series) for surveillance under poor or limited lighting such as offshore surveillance or surveillance in a residential zone where the light level is restricted.

For intruder surveillance

Backlight Correction, Character Generation, and Data Accumulation

Backlight Correction and Character Generation

Backlight correction helps improve the clarity of images during surveillance in a location where targets are backlit by such light sources as sunlight coming through windows.
The character generation function is useful for identifying different surveillance locations.

Backlight Correction and Character Generation

Data Accumulation

Image data accumulation makes it possible to increase the brightness of images taken in a dark place.

Data Accumulation