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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


Hitachi Kokusai Electric Group is a leading manufacturer of digital repeaters and translators with state-of-art designs and world-class quality manufacturing.

ISDB On-Channel Digital Repeater
ISG Series is an on-channel digital repeater to broadcast ISDB-Tb signals in areas where physical and geographical obstacles affect signal coverage causing faulty reception.
ATSC 8-VSB Digital TV Translator
The ATSC-5000-DTT is an digital TV translator to broadcast ATSC signals. It uses the compact 1RU translator hardware platform in conjunction with ATSC compatible firmware and software. The ATSC-5000-DTT translator is designed to work either in a stand-alone mode with OEM DTV transmitters or fully integrated in DTTU-5000 series DTV translators.
Exciter Preamplifier/Driver
The OPT-PRE1U is a compact platform that provides +28dB of fixed gain. It is perfectly suited to boost the RF output level of ATSC-8000 and ATSC-5000 DTV exciters and is available for either VHF or UHF.
ATSC On-Channel Digital Repeater
The OCDR-8000 is an on-channel digital repeater to broadcast ATSC The OCDR-8000 allows broadcasters to fill in gaps in their coverage areas due to shadows or nulls. OCDR’s work in a single frequency network (SFN)operation by receiving and transmitting on the same RF channel.