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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

December 11, 2017
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric received “Excellent Performance of Furnace Equipment Award” from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (TSMC)

Tokyo, December 11, 2017 - Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. (hereinafter “Hitachi Kokusai”, President and Chief Executive Officer: Kaichiro Sakuma) received the “Excellence Performance of Furnace Equipment Award” from TSMC (Chairman: Dr. Morris Chang, headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan) on December 7. TSMC is the largest semiconductor manufacturing foundry*1 in the world. The award was for our core products, batch thermal process systems.

The award was announced and presented at the 17th Supply Chain Management Forum*2. More than 600 suppliers participated from a variety of fields such as manufacturing and testing equipment, materials, packaging, IT technology, cleanroom and environment. Hitachi Kokusai was recognized as one of the 12 outstanding suppliers from TSMC at the forum.

The awarded Hitachi Kokusai batch thermal processing equipment offers superior quality and advanced technology that can compare with the largest IDM*3 in logic category and it also offers highly efficient production. The award Hitachi Kokusai received was in recognition of our contribution to TSMC for improvements of their most advanced process design products ramp up and also for the next generation process developments.

This is the 7th award Hitachi Kokusai received from TSMC. This indicates that Hitachi Kokusai's products can contribute to the most advanced development in industry and high-volume production. Also, the award Hitachi Kokusai received indicates long and mutually beneficial relationship between TSMC and Hitachi Kokusai.

Hitachi Kokusai, as a company engaged in the semiconductor industry will establish even stronger relationship with customers and proactively expand sales of semiconductor manufacturing systems and its services worldwide so that further contributions can be made to the industry.

Foundry: Company which operates a semiconductor fab for the purpose of manufacturing semiconductor for other companies such as fabless semiconductor companies.
Supply Chain Management Forum: General meeting with suppliers held by TSMC once a year.
Integrated Device Manufacturer

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.): TSMC is the world's largest and dedicated semiconductor foundry, providing the industry's leading process technology and the foundry's largest portfolio of process-proven libraries, IP, design tools and reference flows. TSMC served for about 449 customers and manufactured more than 9,275 products for various applications covering a variety of computer, communications and consumer electronics market segments.

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