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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric Won Prizes in VLSIresearch's Customer
Satisfaction Survey for 19 Consecutive Years

VLSIRESEARCHINC Tokyo, June 20, 2016-Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. (hereinafter, "Hitachi Kokusai"; President and Chief Executive Officer: KaichiroSakuma) has been awarded three prizes: The " 10 BEST Large Suppliers of Chip Making Equipment #1,"THE BEST Suppliers of Fab Equipment" # 2 and “RANKED 1st in Deposition Equipment”#3 in the annual customer satisfaction survey on semiconductor manufacturing systems conducted by VLSIresearch #4 , a market research company based in California, USA.

This is Hitachi Kokusai's Nineteenth consecutive year winning the 10 BEST award and their first year earning the RANKED 1st award. We attribute this result to Hitachi Kokusai having been highly evaluated for technical leadership and the high product performance and quality of its equipment.

This survey of customer satisfaction consists of 15 categories based on 3 key factors which are "Supplier Performance", "Customer Service" and "Product Performance". The survey was translated into 5 languages and sent to users of semiconductor equipment worldwide by VLSIresearch.

To achieve even better customer satisfaction, we will continue to further improve product qualities and enhance services. By constantly creating higher goals to challenge, we will strive to become a corporation which provides optimal solutions to our customers.

The 10 BEST awards are based on each chip making equipment manufacturer as a whole. The 10 BEST Large Suppliers of Chip Making Equipment include the largest suppliers based on a weighted average of each supplier's total revenues from all its market segments.
THE BEST awards include more detailed markets for each manufacturer. Hitachi Kokusai's award was earned in the Fab Equipment category. This category includes silicon wafer fab equipment suppliers based on a weighted average of each supplier's total silicon wafer fab equipment.
RANKED 1st awards place special distinction on suppliers that achieve the highest rating from customers in any survey category. Hitachi Kokusai’s award was earned in deposition equipment.
VLSIresearch is an award-winning provider of market research and economic analysis on the technical, business, and economic aspects within semiconductor, nanotechnology, and related industries. VLSIresearch provides intelligence for faster and better decision making in the areas of semiconductors, photovoltaics, LEDs, manufacturing, materials, and critical subsystems. VLSIresearch was founded in 1976.