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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

The results and evaluation of the Environmental Action Plan in fiscal 2017 are as follows.
As from fiscal 2016 onward, we are vigorously promoting environmental activities toward the targets set for 2018 under the medium-term plan.
Note that part of our company was split off into Kokusai Electric Corporation. on June 1, 2018, and the business of thin film processing solutions (business related to semiconductor production equipment) is excluded from the businesses subject to these goals.

Category Action goal Index Final fiscal year (2018)
Fiscal 2017 Evaluation
Targets Results
Management Nurture an environmental mindset in all employees Participation ratio 99% or higher 99% or higher 100% Achieved 100%
Raise the level of environmental activities (Indicator of the level of environmental activities) GP of GREEN 21-2018 480GP 360GP 396GP Achieved 100%
Products and Services Improve environmental performance of products Reduction rate in CO2 emissions 92% 92% 92% Achieved 100%
Factories & Offices Global Warming Prevention Improve energy use per unit Improvement rate of energy use per unit (reference year 2005) 33% 33% 39% Achieved 100%
Reduce transportation energy per unit Reduction rate (reference year 2006) 25% 23% 38% Achieved 100%
Effective Use of Resources Improve waste and valuables generation per unit Improvement rate (reference year 2005) 61% 61% 70% Achieved 100%
Ecosystem Preservation Contribute to ecosystem preservation (Number of ecosystem preservation activities implemented) Number of discussions/surveys, plans, activities implemented New Discussion/
4 3 2 Achieved 100%
Planning 3 0 0
Implementation 0 0 1
Ongoing Ongoing
123 123 123
Partnership with Stakeholders for the Environment Make social contributions through environmental activities (Number of environment-related social contribution activities implemented)* Number of activities implemented Total:69(cumulative total) Total:46 Total:48 Achieved 100%

*Number of activities implemented in such areas as environmental education, information exchange, ecosystem preservation through afforestation, etc., community contribution through cleanup projects, etc., lights-off campaigns, and community energy-saving activities

Evaluation standard :Achieved 100%  :Achieved 80% or more  :Achieved less than 80%