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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

Toyama Technology & Manufacturing Center

Toyama Technology & Manufacturing Center which is responsible of the Eco-and thin film processing, utilizing their accumulated skill-knowledge of the deposition of semiconductor field, are contributing the world Leading skills to the rapid advancement of higher integration and higher precision in semiconductor.

Major Products : Semiconductor Manufacturing Systems

939-2393, Japan
TEL +81 (0)76-455-9111 (Rep) FAX +81 (0)76-455-0815

Tokyo Works

The Tokyo Works is an integrated facility that develops, designs and manufactures public communication system such as emergency communication systems and train communication systems, as well as broadcasting systems, monitoring systems, inspection equipment and other such broadcasting and video system products.

Major Products : Wireless Communications and Information Systems , Broadcasting and Video Systems

32 Miyuki-cho, Kodaira-shi,TOKYO 187-8511, Japan
TEL +81 (0)42-322-3111 (Rep) FAX +81 (0)42-322-0313

Video & Communication Systems Division

Sales Management Division
TEL +81 (0)50-3383-3430 FAX +81 (0)42-322-8354

Global Business Division

TEL +81 (0)50-3383-3432 FAX +81 (0)42-322-3270

Mobile Systems

Major Products:Radio communications equipment (basic station equipment, radio packet communications equipment, local communications systems, business-purpose radio communications systems, business-purpose radio equipment)

Government & Public Communitcation Systems

Major Products : Radio communications equipment (disaster-prevention administrative radio systems) communications systems for governmental establishments and public enterprises, information display systems

Broadcasting & Video Systems

Major Products : broadcasting equipment, business-purpose video cameras, image processing and monitoring equipment, electronics meters and gauges

Information Systems

Major Products : Information Solution, Broadcasting Tapeless Systems